I love being a part of new technology, trends, whatever, but often times it leaves me with a lot of accounts that I never access.

Alas this wordpress.com blog has been one of those, which I feel bad about, especially since I encourage people to use the service. In the spirit of me “trying” to use this more I’ve added an RSS feed for my main website to the sidebar. You know on the off chance that people actually stumble across this page I’d like them to at least find something to read.  🙂


I feel bad sometimes that I don’t post anything here. I am a huge fan of the WordPress system, it does afterall run my main blog and “photo” blog. Of course having those two blogs means that I don’t post that much here, or anything, ahem.

While it curbs my OCD to have my name everywhere, it gets neglected, along with others.

I don’t know if people even come by this blog. If you randomly came across it, it is too boring to stay. For that I feel badly, perhaps come the new year I will make an effort to throw a little more up here, now and then.

Tomorrow I am actually going to start and maybe even finish moving my stuff into MY HOUSE!

Shocking! Over a month later, but it is finally happening. All the floors are done – well except for the closet in my bedroom and transitions – the moulding is up a little cleaning to make sure most of the dust is gone and my stuff will be in.

In other news my laptop has issues. Apparently if it runs at 100% cpu capacity for over 30 seconds it feels is should restart. Good times. I don’t know why I have so many problems with it. My brother wants to Ghost it and reinstall everything, I may have to let him, because it is all getting a bit ridiculous now.

Hopefully it will be fixed soon. 🙂

Hope you all had a good day, I got more my floors done and the trim cut so it is ready to nail in. Then I went and spent more money at Home Depot, because I hadn’t spent enough there yet. I went and bought new outlets and light switches, so they all match. 🙂

Tomorrow we are nailing the trim in and finishing up the bedroom. It would have been done today except I decided to water the floor instead. Yeah! I had the window open then forgot and put the sprinkler under that window. Yep! Fortunately we noticed before I turned the room into a pond. Unfortunately it meant we had to leave the floor to dry today.

I get to spend most of tomorrow packing stuff up and then moving in! Only a month after I bought the place, I am sure people have taken longer to move into a place, but it seems like a long time to me. With any luck though by the end of my weekend I will be in. Woo!

time seems to fly by of late, sometimes a good thing, other times not so much. At the moment I am ok with it. Time is going by and for the most part I am getting things done. Unfortunately all this time going by means that we are now into Summer.

I am not the biggest fan of Summer, I don’t particularly like the heat, but I do my best to survive it. Tonight we, Nibski, Rashy, Maggie, Ballboy and I, went for a nice walk at around sunset. It is the only time of Summer I seem to enjoy, the time when it starts cooling off, but not so much that you are chilled. Just perfect.

It was Maggie last night out before she heads off to work on her Masters for two months, we had a good night. Hopefully she enjoyed herself.

Another long week, I am so glad tomorrow is Friday and that it’s also the end of the month. At work we move into 4 days a week and a slower pace, though I will having to find additional work to make extra money.

I am hoping to get my place cleaned and moved into this weekend. That would be cool. Especially considering that is where my internet it now. 🙂

*fingers crossed* If you all want to help you know where I am.

Hey all, I have had to forward my website here, as it is temporarily down due to moving. I had to have them move my cable and hence no internet where the server currently lives. BUGGER!

With any luck I’ll have moved into the new place sooner rather than later and get the website back up. 🙂

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