Hope you all had a good day, I got more my floors done and the trim cut so it is ready to nail in. Then I went and spent more money at Home Depot, because I hadn’t spent enough there yet. I went and bought new outlets and light switches, so they all match. 🙂

Tomorrow we are nailing the trim in and finishing up the bedroom. It would have been done today except I decided to water the floor instead. Yeah! I had the window open then forgot and put the sprinkler under that window. Yep! Fortunately we noticed before I turned the room into a pond. Unfortunately it meant we had to leave the floor to dry today.

I get to spend most of tomorrow packing stuff up and then moving in! Only a month after I bought the place, I am sure people have taken longer to move into a place, but it seems like a long time to me. With any luck though by the end of my weekend I will be in. Woo!